Friday, February 06, 2009

Please don't divorce us

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.


sattvicwarrior said...
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sattvicwarrior said...

great clip.
Just to add a note …
I have been in a WONDERFUL SPECTACULAR FANTSTIC and Very BLESSED relationship for the last 46 years. yup. 46 YEARS. . how those” people" who promote their hatred to nullify my commitment and think im a threat to their " family values" is beyond me., yet a woman can give birth to 14 children without getting married,[ the octuplet thing] who has already 6 kids.... and your own bible thumping governor allows her daughter to have sex out of wedlock [ which I think according to biblical tradition she should be stoned to death for such and act] but the laws [ family values as they call them ] dont apply to her cause I guess because she’s straight and she reads the bible. … totally weird.

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Robert said...
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Robert said...

Thanks for visiting. While I'm definitely not a fan of Gov. Palin, I would appreciate your refraining from personal attacks on my blog. I have no idea if her daughter is a "bimbo" or not and I suspect you really don't either. And I think we are no better than those opposed to us when we use this sort of language or make judgments about the woman having all the children. We don't want people to make judgments about us and I feel we are better served by setting an example rather than repaying like for like.

sattvicwarrior said...

I totally agree with you . and also. i DELETED that post and re wrote it as you can see.[ the one above my post]
i was WAY ahead of you on that .
Yet For some reason BOTH may have come through ??
i didnt see BOTH when i posted it i did see that one i wanted to be deleted was deleted. I DELETED IT MYSELF before it even got to your blog.
I dunno.
maybe you read it as I just posted it [ the original one]
cause in my SECOND post as you see there is no mention of the “B:” word.
i DID re-word it before you had a chance to comment on it. but for some reason you may have got it [ the first post] afore i deleted it , which is weird cause i deleted that post the moment i read it, as I thought it wasn’t appropriate also. ..
one other thing.also. the woman having 14 children , it was NOT a judgment on my part at all.
you got that totally wrong. it was an observation on the hypocrisy of what family values are supposedly suppose to be, as dictated by people who say gay parents are not qualified to be parents.
There is a LOT of anger about this woman having these children for the reason she said she wanted them , she cant take care of the 6 she already has,, and already received over 100K in disability money, from the state. Also the ethics of the doctor implanting those embryos is under question. and these comments are coming from families and married people who feel this is a cruel thing to do to these new born children when she cant even take care of the children she has. She refused to marry the man whose sperm was responsible, and is practically living in poverty as it is.
HOw is this a judgement??
I'm not judging any of it. i cant.
I'm just in AWE at the duplicity and hypocrisy of what the system calls “ family values..”
The people who suffer the most are the children of the gay parents in that clip for example. .. Most often these children have been abandodned by thier OWN.... and now they have to defend a thier life becuase of group of people say THEY are not in loving homes???
We may be better served by "turning the other cheek", thats all very good on " paper". but, only gives "them" a better reason to destroy others that dont beleive in THIER ways.
tyranny of a majority over a minority does not constitiute TRUTH ..[ or in this case LAW. [ its in the constitution. ] hope i claified my position. thanks:)..