Saturday, December 06, 2008

thought for today

A wonderful thought for today. A tip of the biretta to the Ven. Wuling over at a buddhist perspective.

One should repay the kindness from others, not exact revenge.

One should share others’ blame, not their credit.

One should help others accomplish meritorious undertakings, not help them accomplish evil undertakings.

One should only reveal others’ virtues, not their bad deeds.

One should not take advantage of others nor be disheartened when others take advantage of oneself.

One should not slander others nor be disheartened when others slander oneself.

One should sincerely help others transcend the ocean of transmigration and should not give up on them or feel anxious when they do not care.

One should earnestly help others in times of trouble and should not get angry with them or blame them when they show indifference and keep one at a distance.

One should take precautions to prevent possible major disputes and should not take any credit for having done so.

One need not defend oneself when falsely charged or wrongly accused.

One should help reverse the deteriorating social order and legal system of the nation and should not have misgivings when disliked by others nor consider oneself noble and feel self-righteous.

When one propagates the sages’ teachings and teaches the truth, one should not worry when questioned or shouted at by people nor should one declare that one’s teaching is the only correct one.

~ Guan Dongming of the Ming Dynasty


Deborah O'Hara said...

That's a very tall order. She makes it sound so simple.

abuddhistperspective said...

Deborah, it's not me! This was written by Guan Dongming of the Ming dynasty, about 500 years ago. I venture to say that very few people have accomplished this even given the time span.;-)