Thursday, August 28, 2008

voting republican?

This was way too funny not to post! A tip of the biretta to Lisa over at My Manner of Life for finding it!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

But, em, but, em, aren't they the kind of folks I wanted to be like in the olden days/daze when I wasn't listening real good and just before I almost killed myself because of self-loathing? Did this same silly thinking bring on horrid frustration and feelings of secondrateness, deadendness and fear?

"Why yes, Leonardo, those are the exact people with the exact empty thoughts/messages that once drove you nearly insane when you started pretending to think/be LIKE them so you could play their twisted grab the money and run, little game."...Well, thank you dear inner voice. You're my beloved innermost voice that once saved my've always been able to discern good from bad, up from down, vile from beautiful and sometimes you're a real BRUTE when suggesting I pay attention to REAL...some attention getting devices you employ...oy, I'll do anything that YOU SAY! However, it's worth it to "follow you" as you keep me feeling safe even if you prefer that I don't regurgitate, or get violent, when viewing precious and twitty, little, hateful, nit-wits who chatter about Republican choices.

I promise to ignore the under toad...thanks be to God.

Robert said...

Leonard, did you miss the humor or just not listen to the clip?