Monday, August 18, 2008

The Truth revealed

At long last and thanks to the ever vigilant, wise, and wonderful, not to mention greatest doctrinal warrior of all times, we now know how people become gay! Below is a snippet of the article and you can read it all here.

Gay Wind: A Danger One Can Preach On For Hours.

Quite a number of fine Christian readers have left comments or contacted me contacted me regarding “Gay Wind” - a phenomena referred to by Rwandan journalist James Buyinza in an article of his I cited several days ago.

As any leader with qualifications in Biblical Studies and Conservative Theology, and absolutely no training or interest whatsoever in medicine, physiology, psychology or biology will explain, the widespread ignorance concerning Gay Wind - the means by which Homosexuality is contracted - only proves how the west is in such desperate need of GAFCON.

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