Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's all stop paying taxes!

Another great blog post from Fr. David Heron. If you don't read his blog, I encourage you to check it out.

Don't pay Tax!
from Anglican Priest Father David Heron by (Father David Heron)

The Stand Firm in Faith website says: "Many people today who are gay, lesbian or bisexual in their orientation, or who have undergone gender transformation, see themselves as social outcasts on a par with the first-century tax collectors
The lesson from the Gospels is clear: Jesus did not associate with sinners to celebrate their sinful orientations; he called on them to repent of their ways and stop sinning. Still less did Jesus make Matthew one of his disciples and allow him to continue sinning as a tax collector: he required him to give up his profession altogether in order to become His disciple"
The lesson from this is clear. Those who work for the Inland Revenue must resign!
If people think I'm going to collude in sin by paying taxes to a bunch of money-grabbers, then think again. Obviously, there should be a moratorium on the ordination of taxmen. That there should be Anglican Inland Revenue employees is quite disgusting.

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