Tuesday, September 07, 2010

crazy people and book burning

I just don't understand the book burning thing.  First, don't these people ever read history.  You don't see many book burners remembered for being like Jesus.  On the plus side, an unknown person out on the fringe now has his moment in the sun.  And I'm willing to bet he is cashing in on it too!

He made it on national news this evening, so obviously he has hit a nerve.

And of course he believes it is what Jesus would want him to do.

Pretty sad.


Doorman-Priest said...

Deeply disturbing and totally unchristian.

Robert said...

that is the truth DP!

brother in christ said...

i never understood book burning and have now just become enlightened to so much i was unaware of since being wheel chair bound from a car accident in 1999, I have spent my time studying and helping people get off of prescription drugs a addictive killer in evceryones medicine cabinets.
I have a small website where chronic pain patients can get real help become drug and dependency free!
say no to drugs--- yes to God!