Saturday, July 03, 2010

Jesus nominated to the Supreme Court

A Democratic Party President nominated Jesus of Nazareth to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. 

Republican Senators were outraged. They complained that:

1. He consistently and constantly re-interpreted the law.
2. He had nothing to say against sodomy.
3. He was opposed to divorce (even for the rich).
4. He was soft on sin, and refused to condemn sinners.
5. He taught that people should care for the poor, the naked, the prisoners, the hungry etc.
6. He had little respect for family values, and was quite scathing about his birth family.
7. He fed the “unworthy” hungry.
8. He told folks to love their enemies.
9. He was unemployed for three years.
10. He was in favour of paying taxes.
11. He thought that foreigners were as worthy as were his native people.
12. He consorted with an enemy Roman Centurion.
13. .He said “let your yes be yes”, and “let your no be no”. (The Republicans at least liked the “no” bit).

Every Republican Senator thought that Jesus was unfit for the Supreme Court. 

Stolen shamelessly from Povey Prattle

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