Thursday, November 19, 2009

my god is too small

One of my favorite shows has been in re-runs lately and it has reminded me of a number of things. Even though I have mentioned it in several sermons in the past it is worth repeating. The show is "Joan of Arcadia". God appears to the teenager Joan in various forms throughout the episodes. The one form that made me realize that my god was too small was when God appeared as a teen goth. And it bothered. Because my picture of god was too small to accommodate that view.

I think it is an overwhelming temptation to box god up in the package we want to see her. Anything that threatens that view of god is very threatening to us.

I pray that God will help to to open up my understand of what and who god is. I pray that god will help me to open up and see god in ways and in places that I would never image god to be.

Somehow I imagine that this will be a life long struggle for me.

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