Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Call to Confession

I'm a little behind on posting Pastor Peter Perry's (Seward Memorial United Methodist Church) beautiful calls to confession. Here is the one from July 12th.

Lord, we confess together that the world isn't what we want it to be, and neither are we.

We sing of peace on earth that begins with me. But we often do not know peace; not in our hearts, our families, our community, nor most assuredly, in our world. Merciful God, you have placed a longing in our hearts, but we confess that we grow tired of searching, that we too often worship the past and refuse to build the future. We remember the words that the people will perish without a vision. Do not let us perish, Lord. Forgive our failure to vision and hope, and help us to see all that you have prepared for us, in this life and the next. Now, God, look into our hearts and hear our individual prayers of confession as we greet you in silence.

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