Thursday, July 30, 2009

the C factor

Test your C-Factor here. Post your results.

I got a score of 42%
You are somewhat of a Calvinist. Some of your points of view make you look like a Calvinist. However, you live your life in a lighter way than Calvinists do, which allows you to enjoy it more.
52Work71%You sure have a Calvinistic working ethos. You never work hard enough; work for you is your bounden duty. You are the type of employee any company desires, but the balance between your work and private life may get disturbed.
55Strictness0%You know how to enjoy life. You don't always spend your time in a useful way. Mind the balance!
57Sobriety17%You were not born to be a Calvinist. Catholicism suits you better � slightly hedonistic, loose and emotional.
56Relationships0%In your relationships you are not very reserved. One might say: uncalvinistic. You let yourself go too easily to be a Calvinist.
53Beliefs40%You are an unconcerned believer, who doesn't worry too much.


Rev. Going On said...

I got 425 TOO. gO FIGURE!

Robert said...

It must be a trend! :)