Saturday, July 04, 2009

An amazing woman

Dr Jenny Plane-Te Paa is an amazing theologian. Here are a few words from a closing address she gave. Go here to read it all.

I have believed and have been saying for some time now that for the sake of
the Communion it is imperative for us all to look beyond the vitriol, the
hysteria, the noisy gongs, instead to notice anew all that has and all who
have actually remained constant, to notice anew all those whose dedication,
sacrifice, service and commitment to God’s mission has not altered and will
not ever be altered one tiny bit no matter how many threats, claims and
abuses are being made at the level of male church leadership struggles.
I have been encouraged to look again at the exemplary work and witness of
many thousands of unsung Anglican men and women, young and old, lay
and ordained, those whose lives of selfless mostly voluntary service, will not
and cannot ever be disrupted by the prospect of schism, by legal claims and
counter claims or by indecently ferocious doctrinal arguments.
I am being reminded that none of these things can possibly disrupt or
compromise lives given over freely, unquestioningly, to the care of the poor,
the feeding of the hungry, the release of the captives, the recovery of sight to
the blind.

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