Sunday, April 26, 2009

Respecting the dignity

Have you ever felt devalued or not respected in your life? I'm sure many of us, if not most of us, have at one point or another. I quite frankly try not to dwell on it in my own life. After all, you can't change the past and I always try and be a happly clappy kind of guy. Not sure that this approach is all that emotionally helpful or healthy though.

Anyway, what got me going on this was a show called "Millionaire Matchmaker". In my own defense I only watched it accidentally. I was really watching "The West Wing" but those shows ran out and the TV failed to change its channel. Anyway the show basically works by getting 20 or so women to come meet two millionaires and in the end after a very brief period of time each chooses one woman for a date. It seems the ultimate in devaluing and trampling on the dignity of these women.

It is a sad commentary on our world.

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