Thursday, April 23, 2009

Problems in the Episcopal Church

From a leading New York paper:ANGLICN.GIF

"The controversy is not a new one to the Episcopal church, but the present crisis has new elements of danger which seem to be fully realized by the leaders of the contending parties. Not the least of these dangers is found in the fact that a new church under the leadership of one who received his ministry and his bishopric in the old church, stands with wide open doors to receive the malcontents. Under these circumstances the religious world will look forward with great interest to the next triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church, will will assemble a few months hence. Upon its action largely depends not only the future of the Church as a body, but the individual denominational relations of thousands of earnest Christians in all parts of the United States."

This is a quote from the Times about the Robinson controversy, right? Or maybe about the controversial Forrester Election in Michigan? Or about the schisimatic ACNA church attempting to get recognition? Wrong, wrong and wrong. This is a quote from the May 30, 1874 New York Tribune. (I've removed some wording from the original to make it more current - the original quote is here in footnote three.) The crisis referred to is the Ritualistic Controversy, and the schism cited is the Cummins Schism which created the Reformed Episcopal Church.

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