Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hatred is all around us

As you can see from this very disturbing article from The Pew Forum, the world has a very long way to go. But I suppose all of us knew that already.

Trial forces France to confront its anti-Semitism demons

by Susan Sachs
The Globe and Mail

PARIS -- When a young Jew named Ilan Halimi was found dying on a railway siding three years ago, duct tape over his eyes and his body burned and slashed, the French police were reluctant at first to call it a hate crime.

Within a week, their caution gave way to a different and uglier conclusion, one that sent shock waves through a country that has wrestled with the demons of anti-Semitism for years.

The victim was targeted, investigators said, because he was Jewish.

The case went to trial yesterday, with 27 people charged with participating in the abduction, torture and killing of Mr. Halimi, a 23-year-old mobile-phone salesman who was held for 24 days.

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