Thursday, April 09, 2009

bishop controversy

Some of you, like me, may be following the issues regarding the election and consents for Bishop Elect Forrester. The hue and cry seems to revolve either about his Buddhist connections or his theology as espoused in his sermons.

I understand that some of his sermons have even disappeared from where they were originally posted.

While there is zero chance of my ever being elected a bishop, I got to thinking about the fact that I have been publishing most of my sermons for the past three years (ok I admit to not posting the ones that really sucked in my opinion).

I'm positive that plenty of people would find plenty of my sermons lacking for many reasons, theological errors not being the least of them.

While I know we need to be critical of our leadership, I wonder if that needs to have some limits. I have not read any of Bishop Elect Forrester's sermons so I can offer no opinion regarding his orthodoxy or lack therefore, but I wonder about the directions we have been taken.

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