Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Redoubt Volcano

Latest volcano status update for my Mom and others:

2009-02-03 13:05:15
Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues. Seismic activity remains elevated and is well above background levels. Clear web camera images from this morning show no activity at the volcano.

An AVO crew is near the volcano today, performing maintenance on seismic stations.

Staff are currently monitoring the volcano 24 hours a day. We will issue further information as it becomes available.


Cany said...

How far are you from Redoubt? I get the volcano updates from (obviously) the same source as you and hope the dear just gives a wee cough, turns over and goes back to sleep.

Robert said...

Hi Cany

thanks for posting. I am 100 or so miles away. our only concern is about ash fall.

Where are you at>?