Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fasting for Lent

Well Lent is fast approaching. I wanted to share this.

This Lenten Prayer came to me from the Rev. Bruce Knofel who got it from the Rev. Bill Voris, who is a Lutheran pastor who served as chaplain at Western State Hospital for many years. Bill was Bruce's C.P.E. director and his spiritual director for many years.

Let us begin this season of Lent with the promise of Easter reminding us of new life, renewal and hope. Lent provides us the opportunity to renew our connectedness with one another, our community and the world. Lent is a time of process, change and conversion. So let this be our prayer for one another:

To fast from unrealistic expectations of others, and ourselves -- and to embrace reality.

To fast from words and behaviors that pierce one's spirit, -- and instead affirm someone each day.

To fast from windy, empty words regarding others and issues, -- and to act on what we say.

To fast from raining on the parade of another's enthusiasm, dreams, visions, -- and instead nurture and cultivate the dreams.

To fast from a lifestyle that doesn't allow us to stop and enjoy the moments, -- and to do some small thing for one's self each day in gratitude to the One who created us.

To fast from holding on to old ways, systems -- and to discern what it is we need to say good-bye to.

To fast from criticizing the organization, managers, colleagues, -- and to celebrate God's fidelity to use within this healing ministry.

To fast from bitterness and resentment -- and to give thanks for each person who has touched our lives.

And finally, let us fast from impatience, -- and to wait with compassion and understanding.

May this be our prayer, we ask through God who is the source of our being.

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Doorman-Priest said...

Robert, I have a moral dilemma.

I want to give up alcohol for lent. No big deal, I 'm not a problem drinker but during the last week of Lent I shall be at Vicar school and will want to be sociable. Can I start my Lent a week early?