Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Prayer of Convession and Words of Assurance

This was the Prayer of Confession and Words of Assurance at the service for the Seward United Memorial United Methodist Church.

God, you call to us, urging us to follow, to grow, to change. You ask us to leave behind the routines and the easy habits and walk with Jesus into forgiveness and new life.

God as you did with Jonah, you struggle to get our attention, and you bear patiently our arguments about why we can't do what you ask of us. You force us to confront our prejudices and cast out our demons ... but we do not go willingly. Forgive us, God of second chances. By your grace, may we hear your call to compassion; by your mercy, may we follow on the path of discipleship; by your love, may we serve you by serving our sisters and brothers.

If it can happen in a place like Nineveh, to a man like Jonah, it can happen here to us: God can call us to lives of faithful discipleship.

Laying aside our fears, our worries, and our resistance, let us follow Jesus, trusting always in the One who forgives us, in this moment, and every moment to come. Amen.

Pastor Peter is a wonderful pastor. His sermon for today is available here. I encourage you to check it out. You will not be disappointed.

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