Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An opportunity to help

I know we can often be overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges ahead of us. But if each of us does a little it really does add up.

Episcopal Relief & Development Emergency Update - Crisis in Gaza

Dear Father Thomas,

Please support our emergency efforts in Gaza today.We desperately need your help.

On December 27th the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict suddenly escalated, and has now become the deadliest fight in Gaza since Hamas came to power in 2006.

Over 500 civilians - women, children and noncombatants - have been killed. Hundreds more have been injured. Today, much of Gaza is without power. Food, fuel and medical supplies are critically low.

Urgently - without a moment's delay - Episcopal Relief & Development needs your help to respond to this growing crisis.

As the conflict in Gaza worsens, Episcopal Relief & Development is working with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and our program partner, the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, to save lives there.

Located at the center of Gaza City, Ahli Arab Hospital has been providing essential emergency health care to all injured civilians. Since the onset of the attacks Ahli Arab Hospital has kept its doors open for everyone and has treated many patients.

The staff and volunteers are currently physically safe but desperately need medicine, supplies and support to continue their life-saving work.

Please give now to help provide life-saving medical care to people injured in the ongoing conflict. Your emergency donation will help protect vulnerable people in Gaza and alleviate their suffering.

Be as generous as you can and please join me in praying for peace for all those struggling to survive this terrible crisis.

Rob Radtke Yours faithfully,
Rob Radtke
Rob Radtke
President, Episcopal Relief & Development

P.S. Please support our emergency efforts in Gaza today. With your help, we can alleviate the suffering of the children, women and men who are in such terrible need.


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