Monday, January 26, 2009

Mankind is no island

This was extremely powerful. A tip of the biretta to Karl where I found it.


Brian R said...

I find this complicated. Am fairly sure that some of the photos are taken of the men who sleep on the porch of the law courts next to my church. They are moved early on weekdays but are still there on Sunday when I go to church. I greet them but would not give them money as I have a fairly good idea how it would be spent. Our church and others run organised programs to help and I prefer to give to them.

Robert said...

Thanks for your comments Brian. I appreciate it. And I also agree with the issues you raised. I think that this is directed towards those who find these people invisible.

Sara said...


I don't know if they are invisible or we can't stand the guilt we feel when we look at them. At least that is my experience. Sometimes when I give to someone I don't know if it's to help them or make me feel better about myself.

There is an exchange in the book "The Year of Living Dangerously" that goes, to paraphrase, "there are so many that need help, how do you know who to help?". "I help the people that God puts in front of me". For some reason that has stuck with me and I think of it whenever I am faced with a person in need.

But, I agree with Brian, sometimes it's better to buy someone a burger, than to hand them a $5.