Wednesday, November 12, 2008

thought for today

Justice is not cheap. Justice is not quick. It is not ever finally achieved.

- Marian Wright Edelman,
Families in Peril

This is something good to remember after the forces of hate and prejudice prevailed in the Prop 8 vote in CA. But I know that the battle for justice and dignity continues.


Molly Aley said...

Hey, this is Molly from AinM. I attended my first Episcopal service this past Sunday (St. Francis by the Sea)...and it was exactly what I have been wishing existed! I'm planning on going back... My girls loved it, too.

You're in Seward. We're practically neighbors (Alaska-style---that means if you live within 200 miles of eachother, you're close).

Robert said...

Hey Molly. Welcome. St. Francis has some wonderful people. I used to go there once a month to do services for them. They are lucky to have you!