Thursday, October 02, 2008


This post compliments of MadPriest is simply too funny!

god hates / loves dogs

Thanks to Gary for this one.


FranIAm said...

Since my dog blog friend Grendel just died, I feel certain that dogs indeed go to heaven.

Grendel was an Episcopalian.

I did enjoy this too, although it is a reminder of a sad day.

Fred Preuss said...

Interesting thought-do their fleas and ticks and heartworms follow them? What is their heaven like?
Isn't this just sentimental nonsense dressed up to cover a pissin' contest between a (relatively) acceptable church and an 'unacceptable' denomination?
You people carry passive aggression to amazing lengths-it's an inspiration!

Robert said...

hmmm Fred. I'm wondering, between the Catholics and the Presbyterians who is supposed to be the unacceptable and who is supposed to be the acceptable.

I also wonder who exactly "you people" are.

I find it best when people just speak for themselves rather than trying to speak for others.

Fred Preuss said...

Robert, guess you can respond to mme but I can't respond to you-at least and not get posted.
And I noticed that you didn't even answer my question-where do the fleas and ticks go?

Robert said...

Hey Fred

Well I'm guessing that fleas and ticks go straight to hell so they can torment all the sodomites down there!