Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coming Out

I recently watched a movie called "Latter Days". I encourage you to track it down and watch it. It is the story of a young Mormon man struggling with who he is as a gay man. He knows the danger that his church and his family are to him should he dare to be honest.

As I watched this painful story, I was reminded about how lucky I was in many ways. While I struggled for many years in a church that condemned me and therefore taught me to condemn and hate myself, unlike the man in this story I experienced acceptance and love when I finally came out to my family.

Coming out to family and friends can be a painful and frightening experience. You never know for sure how people will react when they know the truth of who you are. All my friends (many from the military) were all supportive and accepting.

Our society and unfortunately many churches contribute to and in some cases, actively promote this fear and this irrational hatred. It leads to destroyed families, destroyed lives, a smothering of spirit, and death.

I wish all my conservative sisters and brothers would watch this film. I hope it would make them think twice about some of the things they say and do.


Kirkepiscatoid said...

How non-coincidental! My good buddy C. at church, who is getting confirmed by the bishop tomorrow, is a gay ex-Mormon. He and I have had lots of long chats about his journey to where he is now. He has been attending Episcopal churches for at least 15 years now and finally decided to be confirmed.

I dearly love my buddy C. and I "haz a happy" (as they say in LOLcat/LOLdog speak) about it all! This just reminds me why I "haz a happy!"

Robert said...

Cool Kirk. Tell your buddy C that I will remember him in my prayers tomorrow for his confirmation.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

You made me cry Robert...and then kirkepiscatoid jumps in and makes it a grandslam.

Love to you both and buddy C too.

FranIAm said...

I saw that film a year or so ago- it is available on Netflix.

Your review is well done- it is a movie that should be seen.

I am so glad that you had the experience of love and acceptance... and all of our collective prayers for those who have not felt that.