Friday, August 22, 2008

Paying up

There has been a huge debate raging on the HOBD list regarding what to do about the Diocese who refuse to contribute to the budget of The Episcopal Church. Actually this debate seems to go on every three years as the time for General Convention comes near and is not unlike the undercurrent of discontent that surrounds our own Diocesan Convention every year regarding the few parishes that likewise refuse to contribute to the Diocesan Convention.

All this of course revolved around the refusal of conservatives to fund that with which they disagree. And I'm not sure that application of force in the way of refusing to allow them vote is really the Christian way to deal with it.

At the same time, I find it most un-Christian to refuse to fund things like ministry overseas and to many very needy and deserving programs in a fit of pique over not getting your way. All in all it seems very childish to me.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Blame, shame, punishing other Christians/'s all the quivering hand of emotional/spiritual instability dodging around a lack of GENUINE accountability and desire for sisterly/brotherly love at's a great cover for not owning ones fears and looking them with a "community" face...anyway, that's what I think and like so many others, I could be wrong.

Extra blessings to those who are becoming "willing" to face their own exaggerated prejudices and unwholesome reactions fear/hate.

Robert said...

Welcome Leonardo. I think you are right on.