Monday, July 21, 2008

when is a boycott not a boycott?

An interesting interview of Archbishop Kolini.

Rwanda: Archbishop Kolini Speaks Out on Lambeth Conference

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Emmanuel Kolini, has spoken out on their refusal to attend the Lambeth Conference, saying that they cannot sit to deliberate on wicked issues.

The Archbishop claimed that it was not a boycott since they had declined the invitation. He said that their stand was based on strong Biblical views yet Canterbury had ignored the Bible's teaching on homosexuality. Talking to The New Times on phone last week, Kolini said, "It was not a boycott .we had declined their invitation."

The 2008 Lambeth Conference opened on July 16 at Canterbury, London, and ends on August 3. It was meant to attract about 650 senior members of the Anglican clergy from around the world.

The conference is pivotal in helping unify the 77 million protestant grouping in the world. But this year's event comes at a time of rifts over key issues affecting the Anglican Communion.

Asked whether by refusing to attend the meeting, the members were not deepening the rift in the church, Kolini said this year's conference could not be the platform for unifying them because they had always spoken against gay marriages but the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has always ignored their advice.

Asked whether there were still chances of a unified Anglican Communion, Kolini said, "My hope is in God."

On whether their hard stance was not a sign of discrimination among the flock, the Archbishop said the church welcomes whoever repents sins.

"I hope they will repent one day," he said, likening it to a patient seeking the doctor's help.

You can read the rest of the article here.

I suppose it will not be long and the good Archbishop will also be insisting that the Biblical punishments be enforced as well. After all, that is also part of the Bible's teaching.


FranIAm said...

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone... now where have I heard that before?

The Broken Man said...

These are such complicated and painful issues, it seems that the ommunion is ready to break inro two and it seems hard to stop it. Those against practicing homosexuals being ordained are not attending as the line is not hard enough, those for not attending as they are either not invited (+Gene) or because they wish to show their support for those not invited.

We can only pray that God helps us become united enough that we can serve Him and help others as we are called to.

Robert said...

Thanks broken man. It is a hard issue. I suspect that the communion will not break up although sadly, some will choose to leave. Those who choose to leave will not find an "orthodox" place, but will rather find that once you break off from someone else for any reason, the next break and the one after that come easier and easier. And best wishes on your baby on the way!

The Broken Man said...

Thank you rober! Indeed schism leads to..schism. At the risk of being shoot for blasphamy..Life of Brian said it so well..."splitters!"