Sunday, July 13, 2008

talk about being two faced

This item from the Episcopal Cafe needs to be seen everywhere.

It is absolutely amazing that a primate who has no problem interfering in the Episcopal Church and stealing parts of the flock seems to think it completely inappropriate in his own province. No surprise there I suppose. Kenyan primate: "When you face a challenge you don’t run and join another province"

Just so you know: Questioned as to their relationship to Dr Kunonga by, the Archbishops of Kenya and Uganda said that though Dr Kunonga had sought their support, they had told him to work within the structures of the Province of Central Africa. “The Bishop of Harare came to see us about this request” for Harare to join the Church of Kenya , Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi said. But he was told “ Harare belongs to Central Africa .” It was improper for one province to interfere in the internal deliberations of another, the Kenyan archbishop said. “When you face a challenge you don’t run and join another province.” We told Dr Kunonga “go back to the Dean of that province to solve that problem.”

Uh, right: If you receive an SOS from anywhere in the world we will move in. - Peter Akinola


Doorman-Priest said...

Ah, but it's different if they do it because they are right. Come on Robert, wise-up!

Robert said...

You are right Doorman. Thanks for reminding me. Oh how foolish of me to forget that important point. :)