Saturday, June 21, 2008

thought for today

contentment is born of the capacity

to love impartially
to listen uncritically
to give unconditionally
to forgive unreservedly
to laugh at oneself unaffectedly.

Ven. Shi Wuling, an American Buddhist nun


KathyK said...

I really appreciate your posts by Ven. Shi Wuling. Thanks for sharing her with us. Kathy

Robert said...

Thank you Kathy. She has some pretty amazing stuff to say.

Doorman-Priest said...

I ften think 99% of Buddhist philosophy is compatible with Christianity. I love it.

abuddhistperspective said...

Dear Father Thomas,

Consider this a proper Buddhist "wow!". It's an honor to be included in your blog and to read the kind comments by your readers. Thank you.

Venerable Wuling

Robert said...

I definitely agree with you Doorman.

Ven. Wuling: talk about wow, I never expected the author of some of my posts to visit here. It is an honor to post your wisdom and to have you drop by.