Saturday, June 07, 2008

The pain of life

I'm struggling right now with the very hard news that Emmanuel received yesterday. He learned that Emma will be going to a new home on June 18th (her four month birthday). I have been struggling with the possibility of loosing her for quite some time now, but the finality of it all has brought the pain to a more intense level. I had been so looking forward to spending days with her in July when I was supposed to start caring for her while Emmanuel was at work. I had envisioned stroller trips where we would be walking around town visiting.

And now all that has come crashing down. Emmanuel is naturally devastated.

While I'm happy we were able to give her such a great start in life for her first four months, I'm quite frankly angry and God and the system for now cruelly taking her away.


KathyK said...

I'm so sorry Robert, I know that little girl has really touched your heart. She certainly brings light to all of us who know her. Kathy

Robert said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Kathy. She has been a light in my life as well as many others. I'm thankful that Emmanuel was able to give her such a great start on life, but was certainly hoping to have her in my life as she grew up.


Deborah O'Hara said...

It's going to be hard for everyone, especially Emmanuel, to let her go. We'll get through it together as a family.

Robert said...

You are right Deborah. It is great to have such good friends to lean on in times of pain and adversity! Thanks so much.