Monday, June 02, 2008

Oblivion is bliss, or is it?

Anglicans Online has a weekly article which this week focused on symbols. They made, what was for me at least, the startling observation that "every elevator in the Western world has a five-pointed star on or next to the button that will take you to the floor that exits the building." It was startling to me because I have never noticed this. And I have occasionally found myself in a elevator trying to figure out which button would take me to the floor where I could exit the building.

Imagine all the time I could have saved myself if I would have learned this simple little trick. Who ever thought of it, and who knows about it and why did they never tell me? Perhaps I'm just an overly oblivious person (ok, no perhaps about it, I really am an oblivious person). I think someone should write one of those "Dummy" books for us oblivious people to help clue us in!


KathyK said...

Really? I had no idea! I've ended up in scary basements before looking for the way out of buildings. Thanks for the tip! Kathy

Robert said...

Glad to help out Kathy. And even more glad to learn that I was not the only person not to know that!