Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just Emma and me

Emmanuel headed off (with much trepidation) to an Elton John concert this Friday and left Emma in my care for the night. He bravely only had to call and check up on us twice and I happily report that Emma and I had a wonderful time. Thanks to our friend Deborah who came over with pizza and ice cream for dinner (alas, only formula for Emma though!).

Emma survived with no apparent ill effects and I really enjoyed taking care of her.

And if you want to see many more pictures of this beautiful angel you can see them here.


KathyK said...

Little Ms. Emma! She has brought amazing gifts to all of us. She is truly one of God's special spirits. Kathy

Robert said...

She really is Kathy. Her presence in my life has been a transforming force. It is wonderful to have such a special gift from God.