Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It makes one wonder

I was pained to read the news story a day ago about the man who beat a 2 year old child to death in California. You would think that after being a Chaplain at a maximum security prison for 5 years that nothing would really get too me. After all, I have heard plenty of horrific stories. And yet, every new horror hits me hard (which I suppose is a good think, I would hate to think I could get used to this stuff). It is hard to imagine what would make a man beat his own (presumable) child to death, but I guess I'm hoping he is just plain crazy and didn't realize or understand what he is doing.

As I have been enjoying the blessing of Emma in our lives and home it is hard to image anyone would be capable of injuring or killing a little child. And yet it has happened before and will unfortunately happen again.

And of course children are killed by starvation every day in the world, in spite of the world (and us that means) having the means to change this.

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the Reverend boy said...

A little off topic ...

It is interesting to see you are a prison chaplain. If I wind up doing my CPE here in New York, I would have the choice of doing either hospital or prison chaplaincy, and have been thinking that the latter would be interesting!

What is it like? Feel free to email me if you don't want to take up the discussion here.