Monday, June 16, 2008

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You

I am grateful that this statement is true in many places in the Episcopal Church. I found it true for me when I needed it most. There is a great article in Newsweek from another gay man who likewise found acceptance in the Episcopal Church.

Let Me Worship as I Am

From a young age I felt called to Christ. But as a gay man, I took a long time to find my spiritual home.

In October 2005 I took the soup. To an Irish Catholic, "taking the soup" means going to the other side, turning Protestant. During the famine years, one could get a bowl of soup if one sat through a Protestant service, which meant automatic excommunication in those pre-ecumenical days. So the slang was born, implying desertion of the One True Church in order to make life easier.

I suppose what I took wasn't soup, but it was comfort. I took a life steeped in the mystery and rhythm of the church along with what I hoped was a life with the integrity of being an open, practicing gay man. When I turned to the Episcopal Church, I saw a Christianity that was alive and evolving, one that delighted in difference and saw God's creation in many things, including women and openly gay men serving as priests and bishops.

Read the entire article here.

I rejoice in a church that welcome me! I'm grateful for the many people in the Episcopal Church who make a place of welcome for all.


Deborah O'Hara said...

I wonder what they call it when you start out Jewish and end up Episcopalian. Probably taking soup and bread. Anyway, I like soup.

Robert said...

I'm not sure what they would call it either Deb. I know that going from Baptist to Episcopal is usually called going to hell. :)

Jan said...

I felt so happy reading this. My gay daughter does not find any church welcoming and has thus decided God does not exist. I'm glad you know/believe otherwise and are helping others experience this.

Robert said...

As a gay man and formerly a baptist I do know how your daughter feels. I pray that she will not give up seeking God because I know that God will not give up seeking your daughter.

FranIAm said...

I had never heard that saying before.

As you can see, I have not taken the soup and am RC. That said I love this blog world filled with those from TEC and other places... and with great joy.

I am lucky to be in a great parish in a great diocese, but I have my issues and plenty of them.

Thanks for this great post.

That article link did not work.

Robert said...

hey Fran, yeah, I love it when I learn new trivia like "taking the soup". It is always great to hear that someone has a wonderful parish to be a part of!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Robert, I took the soup, too. Does the saying work for people who are not Irish?

I'm adding you to my blog friends. You will soon begin to receive thousands of hits each day. Just ask Jan and Fran.

Robert said...

Welcome Mimi. Glad you stopped by. I would imagine that taking the soup works for anyone! :)