Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dark night of the soul

Another great quote from "The Dark Night of The Soul" by Gerald G. May. In it he writes: "the dark night of the soul is an ongoing transition from compulsively trying to control one's life toward a trusting freedom and openness to God and the real situations of life."

I was struck by the power of this thought. I have been coming to grips with my own efforts of "compulsively trying to control" my life and my circumstances. While I hardly know if I'm in the middle of a dark night of my soul, I do know that I want to work on making the transition he is speaking about in my own life.


KathyK said...

I'm going to have to read this book you keep taking about. It sounds like something right down my ally, as addicted to self help, and self discovery books as I am!

Robert said...

I highly recommend it Kathy. It is a great book although I find myself having to read it in small doses to let things sink in.