Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Church growth vs. stealing sheep

Those interested in church growth should read the article in the latest edition of Ocknega Connections. In an article entitled "Stealing Sheep: A Study in Church Growth Ethics" the Rev. Dr. William Chadwick presents an interesting conundrum. His work reveals that most of the church growth reported at many evangelical churches results largely from transfers from other churches, hence the name of his article.

The article is a good wake up call for many.


Alcibiades said...

That certainly mirrors what occurs in my own diocese of Sydney Australia. The evangelical mega-churches are fed by a large network of less doctrinaire congregations; rather than actually 'converting' many (if any) they primarily just draw on people's experience in more moderate congregations in order to bring them into 'deeper Bible teaching' - before later spitting them out again when they discover the one-size-fits-all approach to life and faith doesn't work.

Do you know if this article is available online anywhere?

Robert said...

It is available on line. If you click the link of the title of the entry in my blog it will take you to the entire article. And thanks for sharing your experience.