Monday, May 19, 2008

Tell all your friends!

OK, another annual membership drive from the EPPN. A great organization which I encourage everyone to join and support. Come on all! I would love an inscribed BCP from our PB!!! Help me out and pass the word.

The Episcopal Public Policy Network
The Episcopal Public Policy Network
Policy Alert

Dear Robert,

"And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly." -- Acts 5:31

Like the disciples who went out and spread the good news after the Holy Spirit’s anointing, we celebrate our renewal of purpose, mission, and calling as God’s people during this season after Pentecost.

We need more Spirit-filled voices to speak the Church’s mission boldly and to act on the global climate crisis, fight deadly poverty and HIV/AIDS, cancel debt for poor countries, promote the Millennium Development Goals, and support the critical justice work carried out by the EPPN.

During the weeks following Pentecost, we are having EPPN’s fourth annual membership drive contest. Last year we broke all kinds of records – the EPPN crossed the 20,000 member mark and more people were involved in the membership drive than ever before. Let’s continue that great tradition!

Invite your friends, family, and fellow Episcopalians to join the EPPN. As in past years there will be prizes – but we are doing one thing differently. Because we know that even one more voice makes a huge difference – person to recruit just 1 new member will receive an EPPN prize.

We will still also have prizes for the people who recruit the MOST new members during the summer as well:

One Grand Prize
A Flip Video Camera (maybe we can persuade you to send in a video to the EPPN?)
A Book of Common Prayer inscribed by the Presiding Bishop

3 Runner-up Prizes
A Book of Common Prayer inscribed by the Presiding Bishop

100 First Recruiters Prizes
EPPN Prize (it’s a surprise!)

Invite your friends to join the EPPN! Be sure to use our special "Share this message with a friend pages" or have your friends write your name on their paper registration so that we can properly credit you.

During the summer, watch for your EPPN Action Alerts and Newsletters, because they will contain updates on how many new members you have recruited and how many emails you have sent.

Remember that the more voices we have, the more clearly our message will be heard. You are our best advocates on Capitol Hill. You are also our best recruiters in your home towns and churches.

Send a message inviting your friends to join the EPPN!

110 Maryland Ave., N.E. #309, Washington, D.C. 20002
1-800-228-0515, (202) 547-7300, FAX (202) 547-4457
On the Web:

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