Monday, May 26, 2008

Fr. Matthew presents

Fr. Matthew presents is an great short video series which I encourage you to check out. They are all posted on YouTube and if you search there for Fr. Matthew you will find many that he has done, in addition to this series on the Eucharist.

Ordination: Father Matthew Presents the Sacraments

Want to know what Ordination is all about? Only have three minutes? Well, you're in luck! Episcopal priest, Matthew Moretz, at Christ's Church in Rye, NY continues his series "Father Matthew Presents the Sacraments" with a look at the sacrament of ordination: the way deacons, priests, and bishops are made. You can find sermons and church info at You can contact Fr. Matthew at Peace be with you!


Life Travels said...

Hey thanks! I realize the huge gaps I have in my knowledge of Episcopalian life! These are great videos that help explain all of this to us "babies"! k

Robert said...

Thanks K. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Fr. Matthew does a great job on a wide variety of topics!