Friday, March 16, 2007

The Three G's

The Three G’s

A wonderful friend, Mary Grace shared the 3 G's with me a while back (a long while back now that I think about it). Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity. These are three gifts/abilities that I think more of us need to work in (particularly myself). I see in our current church issues a particular lack of all three in the discussions going on. Most distressingly (at least for me) is this lack from the liberal orthodox side. Since I count myself on this side I would hope that we would live what we believe and so often say regarding respecting the dignity of worth of every human being. Sadly language can hurt and it is hurtful too often. Of course I’m also disappointed to see it from the reasserter orthodox side as well, but since I’m not tarred by the same brush I suppose I’m less sensitive. Which is a good think considering that the reasserter orthodox side seems to most often violate the 3 G’s in posts I see in the world of the blogs.

I pray that all will seek to see Jesus in the face of those whom we oppose. Perhaps that will lower the level of rhetoric.

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